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April 20, 2011
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Daisuke and Friends by ignaciodibujo Daisuke and Friends by ignaciodibujo
Okey, I never bothered to explain how is the relationships betwen the characters, so before I go on, here it goes :D
This Chart shows the following
---> Means in one way
<---> Means in both ways

Episode List (Will update)
Daisuke- Ep1
Daisuke- Ep2
Daisuke- Ep3
Daisuke- Ep4
Daisuke- Ep5
Daisuke- Ep6
Daisuke- Ep7
Daisuke- Ep8
Daisuke- Ep9
Daisuke- Ep10
Daisuke- Ep11
Daisuke- Ep12
Daisuke- Ep13
Daisuke- Ep14
Daisuke- Ep15
Daisuke- Ep16
Daisuke- Ep17
Daisuke- Ep18
Daisuke- Ep19
Daisuke- Ep20
Daisuke- Ep21
Daisuke- Ep22
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Como que es un Harem xD
groso igna
q lindos >//< :3

q bueno ver mas gente de argentina con DA , hace mucho q no pasaba por aqui :P
So everyone loves Daisuke?
ignaciodibujo Apr 21, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, kinda that, but he loves midori, and never realizes that the other girls loves him xD
And Daisuke is your author avatar?
ignaciodibujo Apr 21, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
He is my main character and has a LOT of thing about me, so, I decided to put him as my avatar, but I have other avatars for me ^^
Oh. why does everyone love him again?
ignaciodibujo Apr 21, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Good question, I think that...

1st, cause he is the main character and this sort of crazy porygon of love lets me a little more freedom to make comic situations.
2nd, there are only 2 other guys (at least for now) and they already love someone.
3rd, I'm just introducing the characters, and my other male characters are not from this story :S

Hope to my answer had been clear (I tend to stray xD)
Ah, okay then. It's just that, if his personality doesn't give them reasons to love him, and it's just randomly assigned because he's a Main Character, to the first glance he might come off as a Mary Sue ([link])
ignaciodibujo Apr 21, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
It is for his personality, I mean, ok yeah, ALL the background relatioships are in my mind xD
Hana loves Daisuke since he is her brother's best friend and she knows him really well, Ryuuka appears after in the story, and I will not spoiler that xD
Midori has grown along with daisuke since they were little (I'll soon show a little about that) but she doesn't loves him. I didn't thought that you were asking so deep in the chars :D
I like you, and no, its not random love :lol:
And its very interesting that mary sue stuff :O
Each character has special characteristics, personality, talents, and stuff. I hope I can show all the characters, 'cause there are like 10 more in this mini-comic Dx
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